Pile-O-Cats ~ A Journey of Love

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You are at peace, free from your pains and sufferings.  You are with your family always, before and now.  It is those of us who struggle with the loss, knowing we cannot see you but we always feel your presence in our hearts.  Your soul is pure, your spirit is free, your memory is eternal and your body is healed with the
power of our Lord.

Dedicated to a Beautiful Lady named “Sophie”
Sophie has had an extraordinary impact on my Life in the short time
we have known and Meowed to one another.  A gentle Soul reflecting all the Love that surrounds her.

Tobin (Cowboy) James
It is a very sad day when a loved one is no longer with us. Tobin (Cowboy) James went on to the next journey of his existence today. He was a true Prince among us. Take a few moments to look around yourself at the people and pets that you care about and love. Don’t be afraid to remind them once in awhile. We know how good it feels when they tell us! Peace & Love to the Spirit. Now we all shall rest. Prepare for tomorrow’s Journey:  Simpatico.
Always, Frankie.


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