Smoke Break – (With Frankie)

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Italicized version available Here…



No guarantee the upcoming anything will be italicized,

(maybe in Humbolt Green),

But the link to it will be!

Thank you Willie!!!

Pinky and  the Brain!

Don’t dream about Pinky & the Brain,

It might be dangerous to your Mental Health!

Candlelight by Frankie

Smoke Break! (420 style, Bill Maher)!

You might like the purity of these for your experience!

Enjoy safe & secure relaxation from the comfort of your home. 

No lines, no looking where to score your next bag.

Full authorization to safely use the medication that you know works for you!


This page and this website are not sponsored by anyone. This is Frankie’s gift to California, the U.S.A., the World, the Universe & the Multiverse, as we perceive it. I am asking us all to explore perception without exploitation. Love one Another,

or get the hell out of the way!

poison every rose has it's thorn



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