Virtual Frankenstein – Mission Statement

(Simply, Frankie)

Welcome to the The Multiverse!!!

Pink Floyd - The Man and the Journey (edit by Frankie)

Frankie was born out of a Vision of Love and Compassion for All mankind, understanding that we are all human (actually, we are The Aliens) and all have real  emotions. We are not alone in this world and not even this Universe. Frankie is not afraid to speak her mind. It is okay to be brutally honest as long as we remember not to hurt one another with our feelings and opinions. Live peacefully and your reward will be whatever you truly desire. It took Frankie a lifetime (give or take) to come to terms with the past, live in the present and aspire toward a future that many only dream of. That future is now upon us.  I accept my Destiny. I Surrender! The open arms of tomorrow are wrapped around the pure hearts of today. Live well.  Feel free to click or tap willy-nilly!  The title bar will always lead back to the current front page of Frankie.  This is a living website.  You will notice constant changes and updates.  The  -Q-   will always take you to our easy to browse integrated page and post section in Tumblr.  

Please kindly respect ALL copyrights.

Blessings to the Spirit!
Eternity is upon us!
Always, Frankie.
Multiverse Media Productions

Alice Cooper- Poison



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